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Album "Métèque" - cover signed by Renaud

Album "Métèque" - cover signed by Renaud


Cover of the CD album signed by Renaud in October 2022 at Matt's Guitar Shop during a guitar exchange. Autograph inscription in blue ink.


Photographer Stéphane de Bourgies was called by Renaud to create the cover for the Métèque album. The session gave rise to several portraits of striking humanity and particular warmth. In these photos we find all the talent of the portraitist who has worked with major French and international stars, capturing the most intimate, most sincere and truest emotions of his models.


Renaud Séchan, saidRenaud, is one of those French icons who have shaped the history of music and the individual trajectories of millions of people. Everyone attaches a particular memory to the singer's hoarse and hoarse voice, made of joy, melancholy or revolt. With nearly twenty million albums sold, Renaud is part of the Pantheon of French music which touches us, moves us and upsets us still today. His piercing blue gaze cast on society and the world, his sense of words and stories, and his inimitable phrasing have built the soundtrack of thousands of lives and continue to move us today.


Metique is Renaud's eighteenth studio album, released in May 2022 a few days before his 70th birthday. Passionate about popular music and unique representative of French song in the tradition of Georges Brassens, Renaud revisits here  with tenderness and emotion several French songs which marked his life, such as Le Métèque by Georges Moustaki which he sang in Quiberon in 1969 and which gives its title to the album.


Dimensions: square of ± 12 cm

Appearance : cardboard sleeve, signature slightly erased

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