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KISS vinyl "Alive" signed by Paul Stanley

KISS vinyl "Alive" signed by Paul Stanley


When we think of KISS, we immediately think of their black-and-white painted faces, sassy haircuts and extravagant stage outfits. But KISS is also a legendary American hard rock band, capable of unleashing festive anthems known to many. They represent a glam rock ideal that no one else has managed to emulate. With their effective guitar riffs and incomparable showmanship, KISS are among the legends of contemporary music. Among the original line-up, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are credited with KISS's success and longevity. They have stood the test of time, not without difficulty, and established their sense of rock in people's minds and in history.


Discover here the Alive! album that forged the KISS legend in 1975, signed by "Starchild" Paul Stanley. This exceptional vinyl was autographed by the KISS guitarist and leader at the last French concert in the band's history, in Lyon in June 2023, as part of their last fifty concerts. A piece of history coming directly from The End of the Road Tour, the last hours of KISS as a touring band !

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