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Lamb of God Signed Vinyl by Mark Morton and Guitar Picks

Lamb of God Signed Vinyl by Mark Morton and Guitar Picks


Over the years, heavy metal band Lamb of God have become one of the benchmark bands in their style. Touring the world in sold-out venues, they've managed to become one of metal's absolute benchmarks, with an incomparable sense of mastery of their style. From singer Randy Blythe's overpowering vocals to Mark Morton's over-the-top guitar, Lamb of God have become benchmarks.


A founding member of the band, Mark Morton is an ingenious, fast, percussive and highly impressive guitarist who delivers spectacular live performances. Highly respected, Mark is now one of the best guitarists on the metal scene.


Discover here the vinyl of Lamb of God's latest live album, recorded in 2021 in the middle of the Covid epidemic at their Richmond home, signed by Mark Morton in silver felt-tip pen.


This album was autographed by Mark during Lamb of God's visit to Paris in February 2023. It comes with four custom picks that Mark Morton plays on stage. His personal influences and passions are reflected on these exceptional collector's items found only in his touring gear: they include his dog, Elmo, the Flintstones family and the band's logo. The setlist and picks were obtained directly from Mark Morton during their concert in Paris in February 2023.

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