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Phil Collins Signed Vinyl "Hello, I Must Be Going!"

Phil Collins Signed Vinyl "Hello, I Must Be Going!"


Although Phil Collins first came to prominence through his collaboration with the progressive rock band Genesis, he has also enjoyed a remarkable solo career, leading him to become one of pop's greatest stars. With his instantly recognizable voice and harmonious melodies, Phil Collins has composed subtle, timeless albums.


Hello, I Must Be Going! is Phil Colins' second solo album, released in 1982, written and recorded during a break with Genesis. This highly personal album features a number of first-rate collaborators, such as the Phenix Horns, a brass band who had previously played with Earth, Wind & Fire and who began a fruitful collaboration with Phil Collins.


This exceptional vinyl has been signed by most of the players involved in this second opus: it features the signature of Phil Collins, but also that of renowned producer Hugh Padgham (Bee Gees, Kate Bush, Elton John, The Police...) and members of the Phenix Horns: renowned trombonist Louis Satterfield, Michael Harris and renowned saxophonist Don Myrick.

It's rare to see so many signatures together, the members of the famous Phenix Horns and Hugh Padgham having signed a very limited number of items throughout their careers.


This vinyl is an exceptional artifact that bears witness to a glorious chapter in Phil Collins' career, and harkens back to the glory days of the highly talented Phenix Horns musicians.

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