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Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) signed photo

Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) signed photo


Aerosmith exploded into rock star status in the space of a few short years. After dozens of worldwide tours and millions of record sales, the Boston-based band has become one of music's most famous and legendary rock acts. Its members have been elevated to iconic status, and their hits to timeless anthems. Behind Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Brad Whitford emerged from the band's inception as an experienced and inspired guitarist, who played an active part in the group's various successes.


Like Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Brad Whitford is a valued member of Aerosmith. A talented solo guitarist, he contributed to the band's success despite being gradually placed in the shadow of the two leaders.


Discover this exceptional photo of the original Aerosmith line-up, signed by Brad Whitford himself. An exceptional collector's item for any Aerosmith and rock’n’roll fan!

Discover this portrait of Brad Whitford signed by the guitarist himself! An exceptional piece of collection for any Aerosmith fan and rock’n’roll fan!

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