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Glenn Hughes Signed Photo (ex-Deep Purple)

Glenn Hughes Signed Photo (ex-Deep Purple)


Among hard rock's greatest bassists, Glenn Hughes occupies a special place. Initially known for his role in Trapeze, he made his name primarily as a member of Deep Purple, then briefly in Black Sabbath. His playing style and sense of showmanship set a benchmark that inspired many generations of musicians. His stint with Deep Purple brought him success. Despite numerous changes of musician, the band has maintained its reputation at the top. Straight out of the English musical revolution of the 1960s, Deep Purple made a name for itself with ambitious albums and titanic concerts. Following drug problems, the band finally broke up in 1976, only to reform eight years later, without Glenn Hughes.


Discover here two exceptional portraits of Glenn Hughes, signed by the bassist himself*. A great collector's item for any hard rock fan!


*Note that two portraits are available: one dedicated to Max, the other to Matt.

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