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Recording The Beatles: The Studio Equipment and Techniques (RTB Book)

Recording The Beatles: The Studio Equipment and Techniques (RTB Book)


"Recording the Beatles : The Studio Equipment" examines every piece of recording equipment used at Abbey Road Studios during the Beatles' sessions, including all microphones, external equipment, mixing consoles, speakers and tape recorders. Each piece is examined in minute detail, and the book is illustrated with hundreds of color photographs, paintings, drawings and illustrations.


The book also explains how the equipment was used during the band's sessions. It's the fruit of years of in-depth research into the Beatles' creative genius.


This exceptional book, no longer available for sale or in print, is a goldmine for all sound professionals and a treasure trove for Beatles enthusiasts and collectors.


The book is in excellent condition, and comes with an unopened bonus folder (with rare photos, facsimile letters and signatures). Precious collector's items).


Technical information :

Hard cover

540 pages

Over 500 photos and illustrations, in color and black & white

Includes slipcase

Bonus items

Collector's edition with unopened bonus sleeve

Printed in 2006

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