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Vinyl "Marche à l'ombre" signed by Renaud

Vinyl "Marche à l'ombre" signed by Renaud


Vinyl of the album Marche à l'ombre (Polydor, 1980) signed by Renaud in October 2022 at Matt’s Guitar Shop. Autograph inscription in black ink.


Renaud Séchan, known as Renaud, is one of these French icons having shaped the history of music and the individual trajectories of millions of people. Everyone attaches a particular memory to the singer's hoarse voice, made of joy, melancholy or revolt. With nearly twenty million albums sold, Renaud is part of the Pantheon of French music which touches us, moves us and upsets us still today. His piercing blue gaze cast on society and the world, his sense of words and stories, and his inimitable phrasing have built the soundtrack of thousands of lives and continue to move us today.


Marche à l'ombre is Renaud's fourth studio album released in February 1980. It is in this album that one of the most famous characters in Renaud's musical universe appears:Gérard Lambert. This album marks a first major turning point in Renaud's career, selling 800,000 copies. It contains some of the biggest hits in the artist's repertoire: Marche à l'ombre, Dans mon HLM et Les aventures de Gérard Lambert.


The album cover reveals his famous red bandana, which has become a top accessory. This is a legendary photograph by Eric Mistler, soon to be discovered at Rock & Art.


Dimensions: square of ± 31.5 cm

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